The American Society of Dermatopathology

What to Expect When You Submit a Case Study

What Happens When You Submit a Case Study to ASDP?

  1. When your case is received, you should receive a response acknowledging your submission and providing the case number, usually within one week.
  2. Your case will be sent to the case study editors for a preliminary review. They will look at many factors, including but not limited to:

    • Is the case appropriate for ASDP?
    • Has a similar case has been published by ASDP?
    • Is the submission is complete – i.e., did the authors include references, images, and explanations of all answers?
    • Is the case interesting, rarely seen, or an unusual presentation of a common condition?
    • Are there relevant references?
    • Are the questions appropriate and in the correct format?
  3. If your case is accepted for peer review, you will be asked to submit a glass slide for scanning into the ASDP Virtual Slide Library to include with your case. We ask that you send that to us as soon as it is requested. The address will be provided at that time.

  4. Your case will be forwarded to a minimum of two peer reviewers who will provide comments and feedback to the Case Study editors.

What Happens After Peer Review?

  1. If a paper is considered acceptable pending minor revisions, the authors will be sent an email explaining any recommended changes and/or a Word document with tracked changes for review and approval.

  2. Authors may be asked to provide additional images, new versions of the images, or in some cases, clinical photos.

  3. After the revisions and/or images are received, they will be re-reviewed by the case study editors, usually within one week.

  4. If a case is rejected, the author will be notified with an explanation for the decision.

  5. If a case is accepted, the author will be notified by email and told the expected publication date.


Contact [email protected] or read the Case Study Guidelines.

Updated November 28, 2023.